How to cook russian pelmeni
It's is a well known fact that all Russian people like to eat pelmeni. This is a traditional meal for them. However people who live in other countries, usually don't know much about this great dish! On this site you can easily learn how to cook them and make your friends wonder about this extraordinary evening meal. Even if you think that you know everything about pelmeni and know how to cook them well, you will find interesting things and facts here, because cooking pelmeni is like an art! You can find the best recipes about how to cook pelemeni here. You will wonder how many variations there are. From now on your friends will ask you to prepare pelmeni for them and you will be welcome in every kitchen!!
First Step: how to make dough for pelmeni


Cold water: half a cup;

Eggs: 2 pieces;

Salt: one teaspoon;

Flour: two cups.


Mix up the flour and salt, make a mount of them with a pit in the center.

Then take the eggs, break them and pour them into the hole. Then whip them with a fork.

Portions to pour cold water into the flour, mixing the dough by hand.

Make a ball of the flour and start to knead it for 15 minutes.

Cover the dough (with at towel, napkin, or an inverted bowl) and leave it to rest for an hour.

After one hour the dough will be ready and you can continue.

There are many types of traditonal Russian pelmeni. Here we explain you how to make them.
Classic Russian pelmeni


Beef: 450 grams;

Lamb: 350 gr;

Pork: 200 gr;

Onions: one onion;

Salt and pepper: as you like .


Scroll through the meat grinder.

Onions can be cut very finely and stir in the stuffing.

Add salt and pepper as you like.

Prepare the dough according to the above recipe.

Roll out the dough into a thin sheet.

Glass (or glass) Cut out circles from it.

In the center of each circle put the stuffing (what you did before with the meat).

Please take the pelmeni and make the shape of a crescent. Then please wrap the edges and unite their.

It is not ready yet. Now please take the dishes. Pour water into them and warm the dishes up. After three minutes put some pelmeni inside and let them cook for 12-15 minutes. After this time they will be ready. Take the pelmeni out of the water and put inside ketchup or sour cream. Also some people like to put there butter.
Siberian Russian pelmeni


Beef: 300 grams;

Pork: 300 gr;

Onions: 2 heads;

Ice: 100 gr;

Salt and pepper: as you like .


Scroll down the meat once through a meat grinder.

Please put the onion in a mincer. Repeat this a second time.

Add salt and pepper as you like.

Knead the mince.

Prepare the dough according to our recipe, roll it into a thin sheet.

Take a glass and press the dough so that you make circles.

In the center of each circle put the stuffing (what you did before with the meat) and also a little amount of ice - this makes the taste of Siberian dumplings so unique.

Wrap the pelmeni.

Siberian pelmeni should be in the cold for at least a day before cooking them. Therefore, bring them to the balcony (in the winter) or put them into the freezer.
Yakutian Russian pelmeni


Fish (Yakuts take white salmon): 400 gr;

Beef: 200 grams;

Venison: 200 gr;

Salt and pepper: as you like .


Release the fish from the bones and skin, mince.

Beef and venison, too - through a meat grinder.

Add salt and pepper beef, knead it. .

Next prepare the pelmeni according to the classic recipe of Russian pelmeni (look at the beginning of this page).

bon appetit!
by Olga Ivanova on 4th October 2014
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